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"Equipping the next generation with a Biblical worldview"

The storm clouds are raging and the enemy is intensifying his tactics.  We are in a spiritual battle and it is very real.  Young people are walking away from their faith at an alarming rate.  The age this is happening continues to get younger.  What can we as parents do to help equip our children?  We do not want them to be casualties.  They are growing up in a chaotic culture that has abandoned truth, morality, and strong biblical principles. 


Generation Equipped Ministries and those we partner with want to help.  There is hope!  We want to help this generation and those that influence them to build and maintain a confident and lasting Christian faith!  We are passionate  about helping equip Christians to share their faith with courage and confidence.  The Bible, God's Word will thoroughly equip us for every good work!

We are convinced there are very compelling and persuasive reasons to believe Christianity is true.  If you really believe this it will transform your life.  When you are equipped with a biblical worldview you will truly experience the abundant life described in the pages of Scripture.  Christians have a powerful message of hope and salvation this generation desperately needs to hear.  My prayer is that this ministry will help give you the confidence to proclaim and defend the truth of Christianity.

Thanks for visiting my site, and may God bless you!

James Werner, Founder

Speaker & Director of Apologetics and Worldview Training

Generation Equipped Ministries

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