What is Generation Equipped Ministries about?  Why do we exist?  James shares his vision for this ministry and emphasizes the importance of those influencing the next generation to be equipped with a Biblical Worldview.

James interviews Dr. Frank Turek, President of Frank answers 4 essential questions that provide evidence that Christianity is true. Frank also briefly explains why young people are walking away from their faith and what we can do about it. Dr. Turek is an award winning author and hosts the television show "I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist." 

James interviews his daughter Nikki Kay and they discuss her experience with her professor in college in regards to gender identity.

James shares some strategies when responding to someone who makes a truth claim. It is critical to remember that the burden of proof is on the one making the claim. We must listen to understand and then respond with grace and truth.

James shares some of his favorite passages of Scripture that bring comfort and encouragement to him especially during trying times. Hopefully they will give you strength and hope in whatever trial you may be experiencing.

James exposes the false assumption in our culture that says there are many roads that lead to God.  He discusses the law on non contradiction and explains why Jesus Christ separates Christianity from all other religions.

James answers the question "Do you have to believe in God to be good?" He also explains how our standard of "goodness" will not be enough to get to Heaven.

James gives a biblical perspective to the question, "If you don't believe in a Go, where do you go when you die?"

James answers this students question and explains because God is a perfect judge, he demands justice. The "Good News" is someone is willing to step in and take our place and pay for the crimes we committed and we get to go free.

James explains why there must be an uncaused first cause.  Since time, space and matter had a beginning, this first cause cannot be made of time, space and matter.  This timeless, space less, immaterial, powerful, intelligent and personal being have the same characteristics that we use to describe the God of the Bible.

James emphasizes the importance of building your life on the Rock.  It will be your anchor when the storms of life hit.

James interviews cold case homicide detective and Christian case maker J.Warner Wallace.  They discuss the importance of truth, equipping the next generation, and some advice for parents on how to help our children develop a more confident faith.

James interviews Ray Comfort and he shares why he became a Christian and why he has such a passion and zeal to evangelize.  He gives some insight and explains why most Christians do not present the gospel effectively.  He gives some excellent practical tips that can be used immediately to share Christ and engage people quickly in a meaningful conversation.

James interviews Brett Kunkle, the president and founder of Maven.  They discuss Maven's approach to youth ministry, challenges facing our current generation, and what parents can do to help navigate technology with our kids.

James interviews Dr. Kathy Koch and they discuss the lies our culture is teaching our kids.  They also discuss the truth from a Biblical perspective.  Kathy provides some practical commonsense solutions to help parents train their children and connect with them in a social media centered world.

James shares one of the many strategies to help overcome the threats that are attacking the family unit today.  In this short video James emphasizes the importance of being enthusiastic.  We should be showing our passion and excitement for God in front of our children.

James shares another strategy to help parents overcome the threats attacking the family today.  In this episode, James encourages parents to be consistent.  It is not up to the pastor or youth leader to train our kids.  While that is helpful and can provide some benefit, the privilege and responsibility belongs to parents.

Our kids are growing up in a very different culture than previous generations. We need to implement strategies that will equip them. James encourages parents to be relevant and talk about these issues with your children. Focus on building relationships and speaking the truth in love.